Hi, I’m Seb. I live in Berlin and work in machine learning. I have degrees in both maths and psych. I’m interested in economics, moral philosophy, moral psychology, cognitive science, and epistemology. Go friend me on Facebook.

I also have a LinkedIn profile and a GitHub account.

Some stuff I’ve written elsewhere:

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  1. Hello Sebastian — I ran across your OPEN BORDERS piece. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that we have created a new non-profit organization in New York City just this year, with some of my concerned American immigrant friends, The American Immigrant Society. We are hitting the ground running with one overwhelming message: Whether we speak of Greyhound Immigrants (who get around the USA on Grayhound buses) or Silicon Valley Immigrants (who get around on private jets) America is proud and lucky to have its extraordinary immigrant heritage and must protect and enhance it for a prosperous future. Please contact me at the below email so that we can discuss more.
    Sincerely, Murat Koprulu
    Twitter: @IAm1Immigrant (the fastest growing Twitter handle in Non-Profit History)

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